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University Enrolment and HTTPS

Posted January 29th, 2016 by

As it’s been ages since I’ve written anything, it’s about time I declared that I’m going to do a Commerce Specialist/Computer Science double degree, which will hopefully leave me with a Bachelor of Actuarial Science and a Bachelor of Computer Science in four years’ time. It’s all quite exciting, and I’m looking forward to the change from high school life (although for how long it’ll stay that way I can’t say).

In other news, this blog now uses HTTPS – so now traffic is encrypted so no evil beings can do evil things as easily as before, thanks to Let’s Encrypt. Not that anyone was doing anything evil (as far as I’m aware), but I do like seeing the green padlock next to the URL.

Anyway, that’s all for now. More blogging to come at a later date.

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Work and Holidays

Posted June 26th, 2015 by

Well, apparently I haven’t blogged in ages, but there’s no time to blog like the present.

Today is the last day of term 2, meaning that I get two weeks of holidays in which I can do as I please. In other words I get two weeks to prepare for term 3, during which I’ll probably be expected to re-read English texts, revise Specialist Maths and look at practice exams. How much of that will actually get done is something that will only be determined two weeks from now.

In other news, I was recently signed on as a programmer doing casual work for the University of Melbourne. I’ll be working on Edgy, which is a block-based programming environment tailored to the graph datatype used in VCE Algorithmics. It’s sure to be a great experience, and my JavaScript skills will definitely get a work out.

I’m looking forward to term 3, although it’s probably going to be the busiest one of all. I should start thinking of Battle of the Bands too; hopefully it’ll be as much fun as I think it’s going to be.

That’s all for now. More blogging to come later.

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Posted January 16th, 2015 by

So I haven’t posted anything since last month – and by extension last year, as it is now 2015, which promises to be my final year of high school. VCE swimming pool analogies, I’m ready for you now.

I haven’t done a whole lot in in the holidays, which are quickly diminishing – no music things or tutorial installments as yet, but as I keep saying, I’ll get to that eventually… I think.

Oh, and just so you know, I managed to achieve Year 11 Dux for 2014, entitling me to a $50 reduction in my year 12 textbook costs – hooray for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain my standards this year.

On another note, I’ve been doing a lot of programming lately, which has been consuming a lot of my time. I’ve been experimenting with Rust, which is a very interesting language indeed. I like it – I like it a lot. In fact, with all this programming, you’ll find most of my activity here on GitHub where I host most of my programming projects.

That’s all for now. More blogging to come at a later date.

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Posted September 2nd, 2014 by

So it’s been September for a little while now, and although the weather outside would disagree, it now appears to be spring. What this really means is that my Mathematical Methods exam is now approaching and I’m to do more revision and the like for the subject. At least it’s only one subject that I really need to be focussing on, rather than the five that I’ll have to deal with next year.

Lately I’ve been doing some programming. Specifically, I’ve been experimenting with lua through making my own alterations to my friend Andrew’s work-in-progress game, Rainbow Arena. That’s been a lot of fun, and an interesting learning experience.

I’ve also been tinkering with D, and trying to get various bindings for libraries I want working with it. I quite like it; it’s familiar to me because of its similarity to C, C++ and Java.

Hopefully I’ll have more to say at a later date. More blogging to come.

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Posted June 30th, 2014 by

So end-of-term holidays started a little while ago, which means two weeks free from the hassles of school assignments and SACs. Speaking of SACs, I've learned that I got 100% for the second skills test (i.e. SAC 4) for Maths Methods... I could've gotten 100% on SAC 3 as well, but for some reason I decided to write 8 π 9 instead of 8 9 π . Oh well, 99% will have to do.

This holidays I plan to actually put some music stuff on the music page (you know, in place of the current ‘no content’ page)… We’ll see how that actually pans out soon.

Other stuff I’m planning to do is write more programs, because I haven’t really done any real programming for quite some time. If I write anything interesting, I’ll put it up here.

That’s all for now.

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