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Site Reboot and Loss of Data

Posted November 16th, 2013 by

So, today I finally got around to rebuilding the entire site, making a new layout that doesn’t look like it’s from a decade ago. Ah, I just love how gracefully it overflows… CSS3 and HTML5 are the best inventions around today. Anyway, a couple of months ago it became apparent that the website was getting inundated with spam (not that it got published). This, coupled with some sort of hacking attempt (although it seems quite likely that it succeeded) eventually led to my web host deactivating the website. Unfortunately, I hadn’t backed up the database recently, so recent posts could not be restored. Oh well, it’s not like anyone reads this stuff anyway…

I’ve decided not to restore the few comments I had, because it’s going to be too cumbersome to associate them with the right posts as when I did the SQL restoration queries, I left the posts IDs to fill in themselves to avoid conflicts. So the couple of comments I had are now gone. Not really a big deal.

Now that I’ve restructured everything, I’m going to start posting again (famous last words) and hopefully I’ll post some of my DIY projects and musical endeavours too.

That’s it for now.

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