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More Exams

Posted November 21st, 2013 by

Another day of examinations took place today, with a two hour English exam and a ninety minute history exam. They weren’t especially hard, so I should be okay with those. Remarkably, the first section (of three) has already been marked. Mr Imam really marks things quickly. 10/10… Hopefully the other sections will be the same.

Tomorrow is my final day of exams… Year 10 Maths. Should be pretty simple; I’ll just have to remember the different triangle centres and stuff about statistics.

  • Incentre – the intersection of the angle bisectors; the centre of the inscribed circle
  • Circumcentre – the intersection of the perpendicular bisectors; the centre of the circumscribed circle
  • Median – line joining a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side
  • Centroid – intersection of the medians
  • Altitude – line through a vertex, perpendicular to the opposite side
  • Orthocentre – intersection of the altitudes

How am I supposed to remember this?

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