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School. More school.

Posted February 3rd, 2014 by

So it’s been a couple of days since school started… After the formalities of the assembly at the start of the first day, we promptly sat a chemistry test (or at least the chemistry students did). I got the paper back and it said 49/63… A little disappointing, but reasonable since I hadn’t prepared for it. Thankfully, it turns out that I actually got 59/63; the teacher inadvertently dropped ten marks from my test. That makes me much more relaxed, although I get the feeling this is going to start happening more often now.

Tomorrow, my 3&4 maths methods teacher will be away at the year 7 & 8 swimming carnival. Happily, this means that my double period of maths has been cancelled. Huzzah. Except that that happens period 2 & 3, and I still have physics period 1. Oh well. Still good.

Short post. That’s all for now.

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