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Moving Host and Methods SAC

Posted May 14th, 2014 by

So a few days ago, I decided to purchase some proper hosting (ie. paid hosting). The website is now hosted in Sydney, meaning it loads nice as fast for me, and no longer has the weird limitations of the old free host. Ah, the joys of pages loading in an instant…

Today I had my second Mathematical Methods 3&4 SAC; this one on circular functions. It’s going to be worth twice as much as the first one (on which I got 100%). Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult, so full marks are probably out of reach this time around. I don’t like application tasks; they’re invariably poorly written with many mistakes and inconsistencies. They try to apply mathematical concepts to model so-called ‘real-life’ situations, but do so in a ridiculously unrealistic way.

Application tasks don’t give you nice numbers; when I see that sin -1 ( 4 5 ) still exists in my answer, I think it’s wrong and do it again, only to find that it was already correct in the first place. Plus, how are supposed to answer a question when the worded information contradicts the given function? Urgh, that’s just so stupid.

I was very disappointed with this task. It was almost as bad as last year’s Mathematical Methods 1&2 second application task. I hope my mark is reasonable on this one, but I never do well on tasks with mistakes.

Well, onwards to tomorrow where I can look forward to a GMA application task (hopefully it’ll be better written), a chemistry SAC and a physics SAC. Such fun.

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