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Published July 9th, 2011 by

I’m Jason – a student from Melbourne, Australia who’s a computer nerd and electronics freak. I love everything to do with hobbyist electronics and have several boxes full of ‘junk’ electronic parts. I, however, don’t call it junk – clearly, useful and semi-working electronic parts that could be used in future projects cannot be called junk. People around me will constantly tell me to stop taking up all of the space in the house with these useless little components (to no avail). Obviously, there’s something a bit strange about me, but I refuse to let my knowledge of my odd behaviour interfere with it.

I’m also a programmer (and hence computer nerd), whose favourite language is C#, because it’s just so elegant and is a pleasure to work with (admit it, Visual Studio is the nicest IDE there is).  Coming in second is PHP, followed by VB.NET, both of which I like, probably because they’re far easier to use than languages like C and C++ (which I use for programming AVRs and other microcontrollers).

I also happen to like music, and play piano, cello and guitar, all of which I enjoy thoroughly.  I can also sing (at least I think so), and I like to do so when playing songs on the piano or guitar.

Oh, and no, I’m not a gamer (my sister games way more than me)

That’s pretty much me, although I doubt you read (or understood) all of what I wrote…

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