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Presentation Night

Posted December 18th, 2013 by

So tonight was Presentation Night and overall, I think it went pretty well. Things went mostly to plan, and I didn’t make any mistakes in my cello playing (a welcome change from the norm). The first couple of pieces were quite good; Celebration and Song (Robert Sheldon) was a success, as was the National Anthem (it’s hard for someone to boo that anyway) and Edge of Glory (Lady Gaga) was well received.

Cosmic Girl, however, despite being the most fun to play, was a little shaky… The start wasn’t in time and it ended up sounding quite muddy. Oh well, there’s always something.


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Presentation Night Preparations

Posted December 12th, 2013 by

So this week I’ve been rehearsing for the school Presentation Night. Concert Strings has one performance alongside the Latin Jazz Ensemble (in which we can’t really be heard, annoyingly) and three pieces (though one is Advance Australia Fair) as part of the GWSC Orchestra. The pieces are pretty good, especially the one we’re playing with the Latin Jazz Ensemble, thanks to some good synth samples (and bubbly noises) on the keyboard and an electronic drum kit. (Although it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s damn hard to hear us.)

Apparently, I’m getting three awards this year on Presentation Night; one Academic Excellence, one KLDYS program award and one maths related one (maths something-or-rather) which I’m not too sure about. Ms Alway called to tell me there’d been a glitch and the letter I’d been sent said I’d won only the Academic Excellence award and the other two had been sent to the wrong Jason. Some poor person received a letter saying that they’d won two awards only to be informed it was a mistake.

The spam comments are commencing their flow into the website… Seemed a little quiet lately. Things are returning to normal.

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Exams Continue

Posted November 20th, 2013 by

It appears that I have maintained OS for Maths Methods tech-free and tech-access this semester. As I’d hoped.

After one hundred minutes of science examination comes the conclusion of today’s exams. It wasn’t too hard, although there were some parts I probably made stupid mistakes on. Plus, there was a bit about electromagnetic induction which we didn’t learn about in class (luckily I already knew it).

Interestingly (or perhaps uninterestingly), the exam is out of 103, so 94 marks should be sufficient for an OS outcome. I should be able to get more than this… There were some pretty odd questions, though.

On another note, an email received yesterday informed me that my application for the University of Melbourne Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars program was successful. Of course, this was an email from the university itself, not from my school, who has yet to inform me.

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